Eyelash Mascara Application Tips

Eyelash Mascara Application Tips

Applying Mascara & Color Selection

Applying Eyelash Mascara

Eyelash mascara is a well-liked makeup item these days. There are several diverse mascara types, brand names and colors on hand in the marketplace. However, it is important to select the right mascara and become skilled on how to properly apply the mascara.

Eyelash Mascara Color Selection

The most familiar color shade is black mascara used by a majority of women today. The color goes well with all shades of colors and skin types. There are many other similar shades that give an impression of being black in the distance however at close up appears to be an entirely unique color.

The color shades may be dark brown, grey and dark blue hues. For best results select waterproof mascaras that will stay in place all day and will not smudge even in extreme weather conditions.

It is essential to complement the eyelash mascara with the color of your hair. For a natural appearance, select mascara that is a bit darker than your hair color. Brown color hues fit women with light hair color because their eyelashes are already very light colored. Decide on the right type of mascara for the appropriate occasion. Black and brown mascaras are well suited for formal occasions while other colors are recommended for casual outings.

Choose The Correct Brush

Shorter and thinner brushes are easier to use. Longer, thicker brushes may be hard to handle. Using a curved brush makes it easier to apply the mascara to the eyelashes than straight brushes.

Before Applying Mascara,

  • 1. Open the tube
  • 2. Before removing the applicator from the tube make a 1/4 turn or less to the application brush
  • 3. Remove the applicator with a straight upward motion.
    (This technique will be helpful in preventing the mascara from drying up and easier to apply.)
  • 4. If another application is needed repeat the technique.

This technique is cost effective.
When a pumping action is used, air gets in the tube and dries the mascara.

Mascara Tips

For more visible eyelashes use a curling mascara brush to bend and lengthen the eyelash.

Apply mascara to the eyelash from the bottom base and move upward to the tips. Lashes will look shorter if mascara is not applied to the tips. They will also look odd if the base is left uncovered.

An eyelash comb can be used to separate the lashes and remove clumps. This will improve the overall appearance of the eyelashes.

The application brush should be cleaned often. Do not wait for the first coat of mascara to dry out before applying the second coat. Instead, apply the second coat of mascara while the first coating is still wet on the lashes. Mascara dries out after a three to four month period, so do not use it once it has partially dried out.

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