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Esthetician Learning "A Pathway to Success" is a great value Esthetician textbook that prepares students to pass the California State Board Examination the first time to obtain their license and become professionaly employed. Written by registered nurse & licensed esthetician Penny Kistler, "A Pathway to Success" is jam-packed with 197 pages of everything you need to get the most out of becoming a licensed skin care esthetician. I developed this program because I failed the written examination by one point. I was determined to do something about so I committed myself to passing the exam. I focused on the best methods I used to aid students who failed or were scared to death to take the examinations. A Pathway to Success gives you everything you need to maximize the success of your esthetitician career.

Textbook for Estheticians

There is much to learn about passing the California State Board Examinations for Estheticians. I failed the written part of the State Board Examinations because I felt intimidated and afraid. From the time I began the Estheticians Training I heard from other students about their fear of taking the examinations. During the 600-hour training I learned the students complaints were valid. They complained that there was a large turnover of instructors, and no continuity of instruction then least 4-5 hours of homework and no time to absorb the information. Not to mention the 100% failure rate, for at least 5 months. I passed the written examination the second time. I love to help people and think from Failure to Success will aid to obtain your license.

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Penny Kistler is a registered nurse & licensed esthetictian with an extensive education and earned professional certifications in Occupational Health Nursing and Case Management. Employers respected my knowledge and extensive experience and knew I was committed to my patients and respect them and provided the best health care possible.

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Esthetician Learning provides a sound foundation of knowledge to compliment the students’ respective schools and the California State Board that will enable students to pass the required State Board examinations (practical and written) and receive an Esthetician License to practice esthetics.